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Reducing Crime

Serving South Carolinians as a Charleston County prosecutor, Peter McCoy is faced daily with crimes that affect our community.  He is a strong advocate for stricter laws and sentencing, particularly for repeat offenders and those who commit violent crimes.  Additionally, Peter will work hard to reform juvenile law, with the goal of curbing juvenile delinquency before a life-long pattern of violence is formed.

James Island has recently experienced an increase in violent crimes, including armed robberies, sexual assaults, and police officer shootings.  This cannot be ignored.  Working closely with neighborhood associations and law enforcement officers, Peter will help James Islanders and Folly Beach residents take control over the safety of their neighborhoods.

Promoting Smart Growth

By working together with local, state, and federal officials, Peter McCoy will push for an organized regional growth plan to ensure James Island and Folly Beach have the proper roads, bridges, utilities, and water to facilitate growth and improve our quality of life.

Peter is an avid outdoorsman with a strong connection to our State’s natural resources and habitats.  While conserving our Lowcountry’s beauty, character, and charm, Peter will reduce traffic congestion by widening the main roadways, installing turning lanes, and synchronizing traffic lights.

Improving Education

Peter McCoy believes that a good education begins in the home and that our teachers should be praised for their hard work and dedication toward their students.  His mother, father, and wife were all public school teachers in Charleston County.  Their experiences have helped shape Peter’s appreciation of teachers and the need for community-wide school support.

South Carolina spends $8.4 billion a year on education without getting the positive results to show for it.  If broken down, this figure shows that our budget spends approximately $12,000 a year per student.  By the time the money actually reaches each individual child, the money is closer to $3,000.  That means roughly forty cents to the dollar actually goes towards our children’s education.  Peter believes that we do not need to spend more taxpayers’ money on education.  Rather, we need to maximize the return on the hard-earned taxpayers’ investment.

Peter is proud of the James Island Charter High School and its accomplishments in becoming one of the highest-ranked high schools in the state.  He will place an emphasis on high schools to prepare our students for work in the real world.  With the addition of Boeing and wind-turbine facilities, there is a higher need than ever before for schools to offer programs geared toward preparing our students for placement in local businesses. 

Peter is a proponent of school choice and the belief that parents should have a greater involvement in their children’s education.  Additionally, Peter will advocate to eliminate government bureaucrats collecting paychecks that should go to the classrooms.

Creating Jobs

South Carolina’s unemployment rate is 12.6%, one of the five highest rates in the entire country. Although the addition of Boeing and the wind-turbine facilities will help the economies of Charleston County and South Carolina, state government cannot become complacent; Peter McCoy will lead the charge of recruiting more “Boeings” to the area.

Peter will help small business owners and taxpayers already in the District with common-sense policies that reduce the regulations and taxes that hurt job growth. McCoy is a supporter of House Bill 3992, which will simplify the tax code and help employers create new jobs. Furthermore, McCoy will fight for South Carolina’s right to sovereignty under the 9th and 10th amendments of the U.S. Constitution to ensure businesses in South Carolina are not affected by federal health care and can actually hire new employees.

Ending Wasteful Spending

Peter McCoy will work to end out-of-control, wasteful government spending. He will work to balance the budget and lower taxes. Peter will practice fiscal responsibility and accountability. He has seen and felt how budget cuts affect our community and the impact these cuts have on our necessary entities.  He believes that spending has to be controlled in Columbia, and an emphasis needs to be placed on saving money during these hard economic times.

A signer of the SCAT’s Taxpayers Protection Pledge, pledging-in-writing to oppose legislation that would increase taxes, Peter believes South Carolina taxpayers need a transparent state government that allows its residents to know where their hard-earned tax-dollars are being spent.