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South Carolina's Small Business Group, NFIB, Endorses Rep. Peter McCoy for Re-Election

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Columbia, SC - The National Federation of Independent Business, South Carolina's leading small business association, today endorsed small businessman Peter McCoy in his re-election bid to the South Carolina State House.

The endorsement was made by NFIB/South Carolina SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust, which is comprised exclusively of NFIB members, and based on the candidates’ positions and records on small-business issues.

Ben Homeyer, state director of NFIB/South Carolina stated: "NFIB supports the candidates who support small business. Rep. McCoy has consistently supported a lower tax environment and sensible regulations and does everything he can to help small businesses grow and create jobs.”

In accepting the endorsement, Rep. McCoy said: “Who knows small business better than small business owners and their employees? To receive the endorsement of our local job creators through this organization highlights my fight to make South Carolina the most business-friendly state in the nation. I gladly accept and appreciate the endorsement of these small businessmen.”

Rep. McCoy continued, “My liberal opponent has often praised the President and his Washington cronies, who have done nothing but fail our neighbors. Maybe she thinks having 23 million unemployed is acceptable. I do not. And, I will fight to make sure that her radical ideas do not replicate the failures of Washington in Columbia. ¬†When re-elected, I will continue to sponsor and vote for legislation that helps create the environment needed to get our neighbors back to work and our economy to thrive again.”