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          2012 Statehouse Report #1
          Thursday, February 9, 2012

                                       Conservative Reform Agenda

The South Carolina House of Representatives is back in session! Before detailing the activities in Columbia, I thank you again for granting me the honor and privilege of serving the great people of District 115. If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The past few weeks in Columbia have dealt primarily with committee work-making sure important legislation for job creation, better education, safer neighborhoods, smaller government, and tax reform gets to the House floor.

As we did last year, my colleagues and I have set major goals this session. Included in our agenda is my co-sponsored Right to Work Act that will strengthen our existing laws, protect our workers, and preserve individual liberty. We need such legislation to ensure the Obama Administration understands we fight for the people of South Carolina, not special interests. We need Washington to know that South Carolina will not back down from a fight for our people, even with their recent actions against Boeing and their threats to sue us for protecting our workers' right to a secret ballot.

This year, we also want to continue shrinking the size and cost of government. We want to consolidate state agencies that can be consolidated, pass a state spending limit, and shorten the legislative session. We also want to save taxpayers' money spent on elections by voting for the Governor and Lt. Governor on the same ballot and making the Secretary of Education a cabinet position.

As most of you know, I am extremely disappointed with DHEC's approval of the Savannah River dredging project. This disastrous decision will only not hurt South Carolina's economy, our beautiful waterways, and the ports of Charleston and Georgetown- it also jeopardizes thousands of new jobs for the proposed port in Jasper County. With one in five South Carolina jobs directly tied to our ports, I know how vital our ports and her workers are to the entire state.

As an avid outdoorsman, I know we need to preserve the beauty of our waterways for future generations. That is why my colleagues and I passed a bill this session that protects our state's economy, future business growth, and our waterways. By a 111-0 vote, we reaffirmed an existing state law requiring DHEC to gain approval from the Savannah River Maritime Commission before taking action on navigability, depth, dredging, sludge disposal and other collateral issues in the Savannah River.

Together, we can and will make South Carolina a better place to create jobs, improve education, and reform government.

If you ever have any questions, opinions or ideas to help our great state, I am available by phone (843-452-4722), email (, Facebook ( and Twitter (